Installing Safety Scoreboards at the Shop

The safety of our workers is paramount.  Not only do their families count on us to provide them with a living, but they also trust us to send them home safely at the end of the work day.  We don’t want any of our workers to get hurt, so we provide them with the necessary safety equipment and safe operating procedures to ensure that everyone’s day at work is safe.

While our workplace culture is safety oriented, there was some talk at our last board meeting that we could take things one step further and celebrate the days where we have no injuries by posting safety scoreboard signs throughout the building for everyone to see.  Not only would this be a way for us to congratulate our employees for a job well done, but it is also a way for us to show the public our safety record too.

The board voted unanimously to purchase the signs.  They were installed this morning.

While they have only been up a few hours, there has been quite the chatter going on about them both in the backroom and with our customers coming into the store.  All of the talk has been positive, and I think that they are going to be a very positive investment for our organization.

Learning Permaculture Design

For years I have been fascinated with being able to live in some kind of self-sufficient state.  We depend on the system so much that if we were to lose access to the luxuries that we depend on including access to processed food, power and treated water, most of us wouldn’t be able to survive.  Chances are that we would never end up in this kind of situation, but I can’t help but think that it is important to be prepared for everything.

So I have enrolled myself in a permaculture design course to get the fundamentals on how to live off-grid.  The course covers everything that you need to know to be able to practice sustainable living.  Presented in bite-sized lectures, it cover everything from infrastructure (buildings, paths, and access) to how to grow your own food.

It is a very comprehensive course.

But learning these strategies and techniques is not good enough for me – I am going to put them into practice.  In fact, I have a piece of land that I will be trying out the lessons that I learn and see if I can create a sustainable environment for myself.  It will take time, but I am confident that I will be able to achieve some good results.

Finding the Best Internet in Toronto

I don’t make it out to Toronto as much as I used to many years ago, but I found myself out there this week visiting my aunt, Peggy.  We have been close for most of my life, and I have made a number of trips out to her apartment in Toronto over the last couple of years.  She is getting on in years (though she would never admit it), and I try to help her out whenever I can.  Since she has no children, I am the closest thing to family that she has.

While I was out there last time, she asked me to setup her new computer.  It was hard to believe that it was going to be the first time that she had a computer with internet in her life.  There was going to be a lot of teaching on my part, but I knew that I could get it all sorted out for her.

But the first step was finding an internet provider.

Since I was not familiar with the offerings in the area, I decided to do some research to find the best Toronto high speed internet provider.  She needed a service that was fast, reliable and that would fit her budget.  I figured that in a big city like this one that it would be no problem to find something that would work for her.

I was right.

We ended up getting her internet service provided by for less than $25 per month.  She was happy to have the world wide web at her fingertips at a price that worked perfectly within her budget.

I will have to make a few more trips out to Toronto to help her learn the ins-and-outs of her computer.  I know that she is happy she bought it.

Adding Motivational Signs to my Home

Surrounding myself with positivity and inspiration has really worked for me in my twenties.  This all came about when I discovered self-help books around my twentieth birthday.  At the time, it seemed like my life was going to fly off the rails, and if I had continued down that path, I don’t know how bad things would have been.

Thankfully, I chose another path, and my life has turned out alright.  But there is always that fear in the back of my mind that I might slip back into old habits, so I make sure to keep plenty of motivational sayings and quotes around my home.

Up until recently, I had just used post-it notes around the house, but after my string of renovations, they no longer seemed appropriate.

While looking for an alternative, I discovered wood signs with sayings while browsing on  Their American made signs fit perfectly with the decor in my home, so I bought a few of them.

They showed up quickly and they fit in perfectly in my home.  I have one sign in each room of my house, so no matter where I turn I can find inspiration wherever I go.

These signs are definitely one of my favorite purchases I have made for my home.

Heading to Vietnam in the Fall

Since I have decided that this year I will be spending more time on myself than my business, I have decided that most of my time will be spent traveling.  For years I have wanted to see the world but had other priorities that stopped me from realizing my dreams.   But after my father had an accident that made him wheelchair-bound for life, I really took a look at my own life and dreams and decided one thing:

I needed to make time for my dreams before it was too late.

That is exactly what I did when it came to my New Year’s resolution this year and I have made a point of making travel plans instead of just talking about them.

In fact, just this week I was speaking with a Vietnam travel agency to book a trip in the fall.  I know that it is the slower time of year for the business, so it makes the most sense to take some time off then.

What I love about the tour that I booked is that they have an entire itinerary for the trip, so I don’t have to do any research before I go.  Instead, I can just hop onto the plane and enjoy the trip.

Which works perfectly for me.

While the fall is a ways away, I can’t wait until we get there – Vietnam will be a trip that I always remember.

Touring Indochina

While I love to work hard on a daily basis, there comes a time where even I need a break.  I can usually tell when it is time to go on a vacation as I start to feel burned out.

That is how I have felt for the last couple of weeks.

So, I have been making plans to finally take one of the trips that I have on my bucket list and give myself a break from work and the business.  For years I have wanted to tour Indochina and really get a taste of the region, the people and the culture, but I have never felt that I could spare the time.

But I am going to now.

For weeks I have been pouring over Indochina tour packages to try and find one that would cover as many locations possible.  After reviewing the many options, I have decided to book the Paradise of Indochina tour, a 29 day and 28 night tour of many locations throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

I booked the trip last night.

I am looking forward to touring Hanoi City, the tour of South Gate of Angkor Thom, and the Cu Chi underground tunnels.  It is going to be one of those trips that I might not get to do again in my lifetime, so I will be taking as many pictures as I can to share with my friends and family when I get back home.

It will feel so good to get out of the office.

How to Monetize Prime Real Estate

Years ago, I can remember sitting down with my grandfather and talking about business.  He had started at a young age investing in real estate, and he shared with me the one secret to his success: “With real estate, the secret is location, location, location.”

I know it is kind of cliché, but it is the truth.  I took his advice to heart and whenever I am looking at investment properties and I consider the bigger picture.  It has worked out well for me and picking the right location has allowed me to monetize prime real estate locations over and over again.

One of the ways that you can monetize these prime locations is partnering up with conglomerates that specialize in real estate development such as the Nakash Family Land Trust.  Based out of Midtown Manhattan, they have branches across the world in Miami, Tel-Aviv and Costa Rica.  Owned by Yaniv Nakash, the family trustee, it serves as the principal holding company of the Nakash Family Land Trust Ventures and Investments.

They specialize in real estate investment and development.  The company has developed, owned and invested in a multitude of residential real estate, hotels, resorts and golf courses in countries around the world.

They are always looking for new opportunities, and if you have any prime locations that would work well to be purchased, joint ventured or work as an equity partner, they would be happy to hear from you.  To learn more, visit their site

Great Deals on Windows

With all of the rental properties in my portfolio, I am always on the lookout for great deals on just about everything you could use in a rental property.  You can usually find me at any clearance event on paint, doors, carpet, linoleum, and just about any other thing that makes up a home.  Saving money at these events really helps me to keep my costs down and therefore I make a little more profit from each property.

When I heard that there was a sale on some replacement windows West Hollywood, so I decided to check it out.  There is always a need for windows in most real estate investments, so finding a deal on them was always something I welcomed.  A nice set of windows could make the difference of a place looking warm and inviting, or somewhere that is cold that no one would like to live in.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but rather something that I could use with my current investment properties.

I left the sale with enough windows for a couple of properties and I will be looking at getting them installed some time next week.  I am sure that the tenants will be happy with my window choices.

Making Some Calls to Fix a Rental Unit

After a fallen tree did a little number on one of our rental properties, I knew that I had to get things in motion to get it fixed.  You see, there were a couple of broken windows in a unit where a tenant was living, making it doubly important to get everything fixed now.

The problem was that it was in another town that we didn’t live in, so we were going to contract the work out.

Since we had not had any work done on windows in that community, I decided to search for someone that specialized in replacement windows Glendale.  Thankfully the internet makes that really easy from wherever you happen to be in the world, and it didn’t take me long to get someone lined up.

What a sigh of relief.

The tenant in the unit has also been very understanding making the entire experience less stressful.  It is nice when these incidents play out this way instead of being a complete disaster.  There is nothing worse than trying to fix a home of one of our renters when all they do is complain about the steps we are taking.

It certainly doesn’t help motivate any landlord to get the work done.

Thankfully we don’t have that issue in this case.  Hopefully everything will be fixed up later today and everyone will have a happy weekend.

Figuring Out the Weekend

When it comes to managing my time, I need to be very careful.  I have a lot of work that I need to get done, and honestly there is never enough time to get it done.  This means that I have to make the most of every waking moment, so I make sure to schedule my time accordingly.

Unlike other people who hate schedules, I need them to just get through the day.  But it also means that I need to micromanage my time, and this even applies to weekends.  In fact, I am out of town this weekend taking care of some of the rental properties I own.

I have a list.

Some of the things that I will be dealing with will be picking up replacement windows Pasadena, getting one unit rewired after some electrical problems were discovered by a tenant, and checking out a couple of open houses.

It is going to be a busy weekend, but I knew I could fit everything in.  The trick was in making the schedule to work in such a way that I would be able to touch anything and not waste one moment.  Thankfully I have the skills that I needed to make that happen, and I am sure that I’ll be able to get it all done.

There is no other option – I am going to make it happen.