Lost a Window on the House

Sunday morning started out like every other day.  It was quiet and I was sitting out on the deck enjoying a cup of coffee early in the morning.  I was thinking about the work I was going to do throughout the day when all of a sudden I heard the sound of breaking glass.

I got up to investigate.

What I found surprised me.  One of the windows of my house had fallen out of the house and broke.

It was something that I had never seen before.

I guess I needed to replace the window.

I decided to wait until Monday to find someone that offered replacement windows in Los Angeles.  After a couple of calls, I booked an appointment with Intex Windows to come out and replace the window that broke.

They came out later that day to measure the old window, and the following day they were out to install it.  It didn’t take them long to have the window replaced and the house looked as good as new.

Hopefully coffee will be incident free moving forward – I would be happy if no more windows fell out of the house any time in the future.

Repairing Our Basement After a Water Leak

Three years ago I had a water softener installed.  The water where we lived was hard and was doing a real number on our appliances, faucets and drains.  At the time, I was worried that the water would damage everything and shorten their lifespan, so I did something about it.  Everything has been problem-free since then until last week.

Last week, one of the hoses sprung a leak and before we knew it, our basement was under five inches of water.  We would have caught it sooner, but I was out of town for most of last week, so I didn’t notice it until I came back home.

Thank goodness I caught it when I did.

Wanting to deal with the issue as soon as possible, I went online to find a water damage restoration company that could come out and deal with the problem as soon as possible.  I didn’t want to have to deal with any other issues such as black mold, so I knew that I needed to fix our house as soon as possible.

Thankfully the company that I contacted came out quickly and dealt with the problem right away.  After the repairs were completed, our basement looked as good as new.  In the future, I will know who to call to fix any water damage to my home.

Enjoying my New Leather iPad Case

For years I have been using iPads without a case.  I could never really find one that fit my needs both in terms of style and functionality.  I always believed that being a business professional required a certain level of professionalism when it came to these types of cases, and I was unable to find anything that really meshed with my perception of what I needed.  It was something that I just put on the back burner hoping to pick it up at a later date.

That time arrived just a couple of weeks ago.

We were on our annual company retreat just a couple of weeks ago and traditionally we give out “goody bags” to each employee in attendance.  These gift bags are put together by the head of HR and I have no idea what she puts in them – I like to keep it a surprise for myself.

Opening my bag of goodies, I found one of the many custom cases for iPad Pro that we ordered a few weeks prior from iCarryAlls.com.  We decided to go with custom cases as we were able to emblazon our company logo on each case as well as provided all of the necessary pockets that our staff need on a daily basis.  All our company did was give our design requirements to iCarryAlls and they did the rest – they turned our design into a physical product.

And it was exactly what I had been looking for in terms of an iPad case.

Now, just a few weeks later, I know that I could not live without this case.  It has made my life more convenient and I love the professionalism that it shows both in the office and out on the road.  The rest of the team in the office feels the same way – investing in these high quality iPad folio cases was a good idea for our business.

Helping my Cousin Prepare for his DMV Test

driving-1434211 It seems like it has been years since I was a young teenager just itching to get behind the wheel of a car.  For me, it was always one of those things that I dreamed of doing sometime in the future and I spent nights thinking of where I would go as soon as I had my driver’s license.

But the trick was that I needed to pass my DMV test before any of my dreams came true.  So I studied, and studied trying to make sure that I would ace the test the first time around.

That didn’t happen.  In fact, it took me three tries to pass the test, and when I learned that my cousin was hoping to get his driver’s license, I knew that I could and should help him out.  Failing my DMV test is one of those things that I look back on today with shame and as one of the big failures in my life.  I know that Kevin wants to drive really bad as well, so I thought I would do what I could to help him prepare for his exam.

We have been studying every night to help him get familiar with the laws and rules as they apply to drivers.  I was even able to find some free DMV tests that he can use to test his knowledge to see where he needs to focus his studying efforts.  I can tell by the look in his eyes that he is getting tired of studying, but I know if he doesn’t keep doing it he will just end up failing his test like I did.

So, we are going to keep pushing forward, studying every night right up until he takes his exam.

I hope he passes it on his first try.

Looking at Houses in Los Angeles


Driving through neighborhoods in every city I visit has been something that I have done for fun for many years now.  I love looking at the different styles of homes, the landscaping of yards and even the choice of windows.  I figure it is a good way to get some good ideas for building my next home.

This past week while I was in Los Angeles visiting my brother, I took the time to look at some homes in his neighborhood.  I love the windows in Los Angeles as many of them look different than the ones back home.  My neighborhood back home suffers from a lack of variety when it comes to the style of the windows – in some respects, every home is just a copy of each other.

The real question is whether or not introducing some of the building styles found in Los Angeles back home would be a good idea or not.  While I might enjoy the fact that my home would be different, many communities would not allow you to have a design that conflicts with the other homes in that community.

Thankfully, I don’t have to make that decision today.  But at least I had a good time looking at homes in Los Angeles.

Distributing Our Latest Press Release

We have been very active with the business this year launching new products and educating the public about the services we offer.  This active campaign of marketing our company to the people in our community and our world has been very lucrative for our bottom line and we will be continuing our marketing campaign from now into the winter.

One of the marketing methods that we have been using has been distributing press releases.  We have found that reaching a large number of news sites online has been a great way to drive interest in our business and traffic to our website.

Initially we had been posting our press releases online manually, but it was apparent that doing it by hand didn’t make a lot of sense.

After a bit of research, we found that using Act Press Release – an affordable press release distribution service – was the easiest way to get our press release out to the world.  Their distribution network reaches more than 200 news outlets and social media sites with just a few clicks.

It has been really easy.

We are just lucky that we discovered this type of press release service when we did – it has made the task of marketing our website easier and more efficient.

New Pillows for the Living Room

This year has been a big year for me for making changes around the house.  I have been getting rid of things that were worn out and updating the decor of my home.  From the curtains on windows to the furniture in my living room, things have been updated throughout the house and this place is finally looking like my own.

But the one thing that I have not changed up until this point has been the cushions in the living room.  They are the same mish-mash of cushions that I have had since my days in college and most of them were worn out.

It was time for a change.

I decided to buy the same type of pillows that my parents had for their home.  They have some Tibetan lamb fur pillows that are the softest pillows that I have ever laid my head on. I fell in love with them the first time that I watched a movie at their home and I decided back then that I needed some for my own house.  They are perfect for watching television and are wonderful if you fall asleep watching a movie.

Once they show up, my old pillows are going to have to go – I don’t want to become a hoarder and hold onto things that I am not going to use.

It will be nice to finally update the last piece of my living room.

Fixing a Broken Window

photo_4 During the last week, I spent some time with my brother over in Los Angeles.  We get together a couple of times per year, and we usually have a good time.  Ever since we were kids, one of the things that we have done is toss a football back and forth while visiting.

It has worked for us very well.

But this past week, things something unfortunate happened.  I tried to throw Mike a “long-bomb” and I over threw the ball.

Right through his kitchen window.

Since it was my fault, I went online to find a company that offered replacement windows in Los Angeles.  After looking through a couple of sites, we decided to contract Intex Windows to do the replacement.

They came out with the replacement window and had everything changed in just a couple of hours Thursday afternoon.  We sat and watched the technician work, and you could tell that he was a master of his craft – he changed the window as easy as you and I would change a light bulb.

Mike’s house looked as good as new and we had a good laugh over the whole incident.  His wife still isn’t too happy with what happened, but I am sure that she will get over it.

Scheduling Random Drug Tests

For the last three years, our organization has done drug testing on our employees.  Due to the nature of the work that we do, it is important that none of our employees are under the influence of drugs as every member on our team helps to ensure the safety of their coworkers.

It has helped to keep our workplace accidents to a minimum.

But management has come under fire over the last six months due to allegations that our drug testing was not random.  While we made no attempt to single-out any one employee, we needed to make sure that we found a fair and impartial way to select employees at random for testing.

We decided to look for an outside provider that could ensure that we had unbiased random drug test scheduling.  We considered quite a few companies, but the one that we decided to work with was RandomScreening.com.  Their service was exactly what we needed at a price that worked with our budget.

Our employees were happy to hear that our drug testing was now going to be completely random, fair and unbiased.  By contracting out the testing schedule, we made it so that there was no favoritism or singling out of any employee.

I think that it is going to make a world of difference.

One Week of Beautiful Sleep

My life is busy.  There is never enough time in the day to get everything done, so I usually eat into what time I have to sleep to maximize every minute out of the day.  This means that every moment that I spend sleeping on my pillow is precious.

I need to make every moment of rest count.

But one of the things that has plagued me throughout the years has been sub-standard pillows.  For years I put being thrifty over buying something that would put the quality of my sleep and health first.  Neck pain, back pain and sleepless nights have characterized the last few years, and there have been days where I just couldn’t be productive at all.

That all ended two week ago.

After a run of five sleepless nights, I had enough.  I had deadlines to meet and I couldn’t afford to settle for a cheap pillow from the local big box store – I needed the best pillow that would ensure I could sleep.  In the middle of the night I did research online to find one that would help me sleep through the night, and I ended up at PillowPerfect.co.uk.

I ordered their Aquasoft Pillow on the spot.

When it arrived I was eager to run it through its’ paces.  As night drew near, I threw my old pillow to the floor and let my new one take its place.

It was the best choice I ever made.

In fact, tonight marks one week of beautiful sleep – no neck pain, back pain or waking up in the middle of the night.  I feel more rested than ever thanks to my Aquasoft Pillow.

It was worth every penny.