For the last five years my cousin has been operating a hair salon here in the city.  While it started off slow, her clientele has grown steadily and she has a thriving business.  It has been a joy watching her grow from a one woman show to employing six stylists.

It has been quite the journey.

I thought that I would get her a little something to commemorate her success and celebrate her journey as an entrepreneur.  But what do you get a business owner?  I really had to think long and hard to come up with something that would work well for her.

After much brainstorming, I decided to get her something that was useful and practical.  I bought her some new barbers & stylists aprons that matched the colors of her shop and I am going to get her logo emblazoned on them.  I figured that it made the most sense to get her something that her and her staff could use, and aprons really made the most sense.

I can’t wait to see them.

I’m hoping to give them to her next week when we have our bi-monthly business meeting.  I hope that she is happy with the gift – she has done a lot for someone that is so young.