Surrounding myself with positivity and inspiration has really worked for me in my twenties.  This all came about when I discovered self-help books around my twentieth birthday.  At the time, it seemed like my life was going to fly off the rails, and if I had continued down that path, I don’t know how bad things would have been.

Thankfully, I chose another path, and my life has turned out alright.  But there is always that fear in the back of my mind that I might slip back into old habits, so I make sure to keep plenty of motivational sayings and quotes around my home.

Up until recently, I had just used post-it notes around the house, but after my string of renovations, they no longer seemed appropriate.

While looking for an alternative, I discovered wood signs with sayings while browsing on  Their American made signs fit perfectly with the decor in my home, so I bought a few of them.

They showed up quickly and they fit in perfectly in my home.  I have one sign in each room of my house, so no matter where I turn I can find inspiration wherever I go.

These signs are definitely one of my favorite purchases I have made for my home.