Dating Melissa has been an adventure into the unknown, and she has surprised me over and over again.  From the places she has taken me, to her take on the world, she really brings something fresh and exciting that I have missed in my life.

I am lucky to have her.

Today is a prime example of why she is such a great catch.  Sitting at work, a package was delivered to me from her, and I opened it.

I was not expecting what was inside.

She bought me a handmade razor shaving set that is not only something that I will use on a daily basis, but something that is beautiful to look at and hold.  It is hand carved from exotic woods right here in the USA, and is something that any man would appreciate.

Take a look:

Imperium Razors

Not only is it something that is a pleasure to look at, but it will be useful as well.  What I love is that it is compatible with my Gillette Fusion razor blades, so I don’t have to buy any new blades.

Shaving tomorrow morning is going to be a new and wonderful experience.

I can’t believe she found something like this for me.  I am so lucky that I found her.