IMG_1522For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed going to open houses.  For me, it is an opportunity to see many home designs and get a feel for the good and the bad as it comes to houses.  Each and every one of them brings some good and bad things to the table, and by taking the time to look at as many houses that I do, I have a good idea as to what I want in a home.

So today I took the day to drive around the neighborhood to check out any houses that were for sale.  We’ve been thinking of moving into a place that is a little bigger as the home we are in right now feels cramped and small.  Many of the homes in the surrounding area are in various stages of renovations, so we were looking for a house that was almost complete.

Out of all the houses we looked at, there was only one that truly caught my eye.  It could have been the Milgard Bronze Finish Fiberglass Ultra Windows that really shone in terms of curb appeal, or the thoughtful use of the space above the garage.  I just loved the feel of the place and I took some pictures of the highlights of the layout and design.

I had so much fun going to look at open houses today that I think I’m going to do it again next week – looking at homes is cheap entertainment.