While I would love to live in a home of the future where everything from the lighting and heating to the food in my fridge was automated, I know that we are not there yet.  But significant strides have been made when it comes to automating some of the simpler things in our houses including controlling the climate, lighting and entertainment.  As these technologies have improved, so has the ease at which we can enjoy life and stay unburdened from having to do everything on our own.

But keeping up with these technological developments can be challenging.  There is always something new on the market and the horizon, and I have struggled to keep track of everything.  While I want to have the latest and best products, I need to do my research and discover which solutions out there fit best with my goals for automating my home.

Researching the best smart home products takes time, but I have been able to learn a lot from the Internet of Things @ home, a blog that looks at smart products, reviews them and gives you some great insight as to how you can incorporate these automation solutions into your life.  As a resource, it has helped me really figure out what I want and what products are out there on the market that can make my life easier.

While it will take some time to automate everything in my home, I feel confident that I will get there a lot sooner than I think.  These are definitely exciting times that we live in!