Going away can be expensive if you plan everything at the last minute.  I know that I learned that lesson the hard way a couple of years ago, and since then I have made sure to plan everything in advance.  I am not so bad that I schedule my exact itinerary or anything crazy like that, but I do like to make sure that I will have some place to sleep whenever I am out on the road.

I used to do everything manually on my own, but after a friend of mine showed me an easy way to book a hotel room on TravellHotels.com I have never turned back.  It is so easy to book rooms from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes, and it is so easy that even taught my grandma how to do it.

I love how easy it is to pick your location and find hotels in the area without having to do any other kind of research.  When you are in the middle of planning a vacation or business trip time is a precious commodity, and Travell Hotels really helps to make the task of finding lodging a lot easier.

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