A few buddies and I decided to go for a road trip this weekend to Downriver, Michigan.  We have some family down there (so that we can stay for free), which makes the trip rather inexpensive as gas is so cheap right now.  We packed everyone up in the car and headed down to Michigan on Friday.

The trip was going to be a blast.

In fact, I was just about going to rate our trip as the best one that we have ever had, but everything screeched to a halt yesterday.  I don’t know what happened, but the Mercedes Benz we were driving ended up being dead on the side of the road.

It wasn’t what any of us wanted.  Being in a place that we were not too familiar with, we had to get on our phones and see if we could find a place that did Mercedes Benz repair in Downriver Michigan.

I’ll admit, I was a little stressed out.

But we were able to find a service station that was open and was willing to help us out.  They even arranged for a tow truck, so though it was stressful having a major breakdown like this, at least it felt like we were going to be able to get back on the road.

In fact, once the car was in the shop, it didn’t take them long to fix it.  We should be back on the road later today, and while having a car that needed to be repaired wasn’t what we were expecting, at least the trip was still fun.