When it comes to running local businesses here, the biggest challenge is the social environment of this town.  We live in a community that is defined by whether or not you are in the “in” group or not.  If you are socially accepted, residents will shop in your store and support your business.  But if you are not in the clique, then you will have a hard and uphill battle to try and stay alive.

Unfortunately, one business owner who opened a pet grooming shop in town just six months ago learned the hard way when people here decided not to frequent her shop.  She tried as hard as she could, but in the end she had to close her shop.

Which brings us to today’s auction.  She is liquidating everything from the clothing that her staff wore to the groomers accessories that they depended on to get their work done.  Everything is up for sale including the building, and I know that the owner is trying to make enough money to get her investment back.

I don’t know if that will happen, but there will be plenty of deals to be had.  I’m on the lookout for anything that I know that I could resell and make a profit, so hopefully I will walk away with something good.