For years I have worn my hair the same way.  I suppose it is because I grew up with my hair in a certain style that my mother approved of, but I never really thought of changing it.  I was a guy after all, and how much difference could a new haircut make, right?

At least that is what I thought.  But after being dared by a friend to change things up in my life a little bit, I started to look at my hair in a new way.  Could I change it to something different?  Why had I not done it before?  These were questions that started to swirl around in my mind, so I decided to explore the possibility of changing my hairstyle.

But it was hard to know where to start seeing that I never looked at different hairstyles in my life.  Thankfully, the internet is a wonderful resource to use when you are researching just about any topic, so I decided to look for the latest trendy hairstyles and haircuts to see if I could find something that I would like.

After a bit of poking around, I ended up on Hairious, a blog dedicated to the latest trends in hairstyles and haircuts.  I discovered some styles that I really loved and some that I hated.  It really helped me to visualize the possibilities I could explore with my own hair, and I jotted down the styles that I loved the best.

I have an appointment with my local hairdresser tomorrow, and I’m going to take a chance and change my hairstyle.

I’ll let you know how I make out.