It is hard to believe that it has only been a year since I personally started using natural grooming products.  Everything from the shampoo I use on my head to the soap I use on my body was changed as I started having an allergic reaction to something.

I just needed to make healthier choices for myself.

So when I adopted a dog, I couldn’t help to think one thing: if he was my best friend, why would I needlessly expose him to the chemicals found in regular dog grooming products?

I decided to give him the same respect that I give myself.

I picked up some all natural dog shampoo to try out first, and I really loved how shiny Max’s coat was when we were done.  Max loved it too, and giving him his bath wasn’t that bad.  But I decided to make sure that he had no reaction to his shampoo, so I gave it a couple of weeks.

We never looked back.

Today we continue to use only natural dog grooming products and continue to order them from thanks to their excellent customer support, quick shipping, and prices that beat any retailer that we can find locally.  It has been a great experience for me as a first-time dog owner.