Springtime is that time of year where you get some of those bigger cleaning jobs done after the long winter.  Every year I put together a list of things that need to be done on the family farm, and between me and my siblings, we work to get everything done.  Working together as a team is just about the only way that we can do it as most of us have busy careers that don’t give us much free time.

But that is life.

This weekend I have been at the farm working on cleaning the cistern.  We do this once per year, and usually we find that it works best to do it in the spring as no one is living at the house at this time.  At one time in my life I did everything that was needed to clean it, but now I contract out the water extraction as it is easier than me trying to figure out how to pump the cistern out.

Once the water has been pumped out, I climb into the cistern with a pressure washer and wash it out.  I make sure to have someone there with me as well to ensure that if there are any troubles that there will be someone that can bail me out.

I’m just thankful that I will be able to cross something off the list already this year – hopefully it is a sign of a productive year ahead of us.