When it comes to creating marketing art for my online business, I have been really struggling.  My art skills are the same as a four year old, and any artwork that I have made on my own for any of my projects has looked very pathetic.

And it hasn’t converted well either.

While I could outsource the work, I wanted to keep my expenses down as I am just starting out.  I would rather put some money in my pocket than spend money I don’t have.

There had to be a solution.

So, I decided to take a look online.  I wanted software that would allow me to make eye-catching marketing graphics without having to be a graphic artist.  It had to be easy to use, and something I could afford.

That is when I discovered a review over at ClicktoReviews.com:


that showcased some new marketing graphic software, MoonPixlar.  Not only was it exactly what I needed, but it fit my budget.  I loved that it could work for so many things including Facebook ads, website headers, advertisements, flyers, infographics and more.  Really the uses for the software are endless, and I have found it really easy to pick it up and run with it – without having to read a complicated manual.

To learn more about MoonPixlar and how you can use it to create some professional graphics with just a few clicks, I would suggest reading this in-depth review here: http://www.clicktoreviews.com/the-incredible-marketing-graphic-designing-software/