Outdoor Living Space

For years, my parents have been speaking about doing something with their backyard, but they have never had the means or time to make it happen.  It has been hard for me and my siblings to watch them talk about their dream and never attaining it.  Instead of focusing on what has not happened, we decided that we would do something about it and help them to realize their dream of a perfect patio.

In order to make it happen, we consulted with the folks from VirginiaBeachPatios.com, an exterior design firm, to help us plan and create the outdoor living space for our parents.  We chose them because they specialize in engineering the perfect outdoor space.  They took the measurements that we had for their backyard and presented us with options as to what we could do.

We were impressed.

Since they handled the work, all we had to do was agree what direction we wanted to go and they would handle the rest.

Our parents are going away for a little holiday in two weeks and we are going to get Virginia Beach Patios to setup their new living space then so that they are surprised when they get home.  I know that they will love their new patio.