We have been very active with the business this year launching new products and educating the public about the services we offer.  This active campaign of marketing our company to the people in our community and our world has been very lucrative for our bottom line and we will be continuing our marketing campaign from now into the winter.

One of the marketing methods that we have been using has been distributing press releases.  We have found that reaching a large number of news sites online has been a great way to drive interest in our business and traffic to our website.

Initially we had been posting our press releases online manually, but it was apparent that doing it by hand didn’t make a lot of sense.

After a bit of research, we found that using Act Press Release – an affordable press release distribution service – was the easiest way to get our press release out to the world.  Their distribution network reaches more than 200 news outlets and social media sites with just a few clicks.

It has been really easy.

We are just lucky that we discovered this type of press release service when we did – it has made the task of marketing our website easier and more efficient.