Looking at the dreaded Dentist Chair

With my string of bad luck lately, I was hoping that the rest of this week would go well.  But low and behold, things didn’t follow my plan and I found myself at the dentist this morning to fix a broken tooth. 

What a great way to start the week.

You see, last night after supper, I decided to have a mint.  Since I quit smoking a few years ago, I have been downing mints like they are candy, which means that I have good breath just about all the time.  But the catch is that I chew these hard mints.

Which is a bad thing.

You see, I was chewing on some mints there after supper and bit down on one the wrong way so that one of my molars broke.  Specifically, the corner broke off, so at least the tooth was salvageable, but it hurt.

It hurt a lot.

So, I am going in to the dentist this morning to get it fixed.  I am hoping that it won’t cost a lot.

Wish me luck.