One of the challenges that I have faced since starting to work on the road is having access to a computer that can run for me 24 hours a day.  There are software packages that I use on a daily basis that help me market my website, keep track of what is going on in my industry and analyze data and trends.  But I can’t do that on my laptop that is only online for a fraction of the day.

I knew there had to be a way to have access to a computer that would run all of the time and be accessible to me on the road.

Speaking to some of my friends that specialize in IT, I learned that I could use a VPS (virtual private server) to do exactly what I needed.  I could also use it just like my own personal computer using remote desktop as long as I had an internet connection.

In fact, it sounded like a VPS would be perfect.

I decided that I would try it out using a cheap VPS from to see if it would work as well as everyone thought it would as they were an established company with more than sixteen years under their belt.

That was four months ago.

Since I started using my VPS, I have been able to be more productive due to the fact that I can run my software no matter where I am in the world.  I was smart going with Inter Server and up until this point, I have had no problems with downtime and my virtual machine is always available whenever I need it.

My VPS has become an essential tool for me to run my business.