For years I have been using iPads without a case.  I could never really find one that fit my needs both in terms of style and functionality.  I always believed that being a business professional required a certain level of professionalism when it came to these types of cases, and I was unable to find anything that really meshed with my perception of what I needed.  It was something that I just put on the back burner hoping to pick it up at a later date.

That time arrived just a couple of weeks ago.

We were on our annual company retreat just a couple of weeks ago and traditionally we give out “goody bags” to each employee in attendance.  These gift bags are put together by the head of HR and I have no idea what she puts in them – I like to keep it a surprise for myself.

Opening my bag of goodies, I found one of the many custom cases for iPad Pro that we ordered a few weeks prior from  We decided to go with custom cases as we were able to emblazon our company logo on each case as well as provided all of the necessary pockets that our staff need on a daily basis.  All our company did was give our design requirements to iCarryAlls and they did the rest – they turned our design into a physical product.

And it was exactly what I had been looking for in terms of an iPad case.

Now, just a few weeks later, I know that I could not live without this case.  It has made my life more convenient and I love the professionalism that it shows both in the office and out on the road.  The rest of the team in the office feels the same way – investing in these high quality iPad folio cases was a good idea for our business.