One of my biggest complaints about my bedroom has been that the floor is extremely cold in the mornings when you crawl out of bed.  I suppose that having tile on the floor in a bedroom isn’t the smartest idea, but since I don’t have any money in my budget (or time) to change the flooring in the room, I decided that I would try to do something about it.

I knew that I had plenty of options when it came to putting something on the floor to cut out the cold.  I suppose that the obvious choice would be an area rug, but I wanted to get something that wasn’t pre-fabricated.  Instead, I wanted something that would greet my toes as if they were getting a warm hug, and really provide me a comfortable way to take those first steps in the morning.

After a bit of shopping around, I decided that they way to go would be a sheepskin rug from Pure Fur Collection.  Their website showcased everything from pillows to rugs, and their free shipping really sealed the deal for me.

Who doesn’t love free shipping?

I know that it didn’t take long for my rug to arrive, and that first morning was such a treat waking up.  No longer did I get jolted awake from the cold floor, but instead found myself enjoying getting up.  My sheepskin rug has been the best purchase that I have made all year.