While I love the selection of shows that are provided by Netflix in my country, there are times that I wish that I lived in the United States.  They have a larger selection of shows and movies that I would like to watch that are not available here, and I get a little frustrated by that fact.  But after doing a few searches online, I learned that I could “trick” Netflix into thinking that I lived in the US if I used a US based proxy.

But I didn’t know how to check if the proxy I was using was from the US or not.

Since I didn’t want to give up, I decided to search online for an answer.  Many of the sites suggested that I use a free tool like IPAlf.com to discover the geolocation of the proxies that I was using.  When I knew where the proxy was located, I could find one that was based out of the US.

Which turned out to be pretty easy.

All I did was put the IP address that I wanted to check into the search box over at IP Alf, and click search.  At a glance I could see where the proxy was located thanks to the handy map that it showed.

If you are looking for more information about an IP address, I would suggest that you use the free tools provided by http://www.ipalf.com/