One of the earliest things that I learned as an entrepreneur was that I couldn’t be an expert at everything.  It is best to focus on your strengths and hire experts to cover your weaknesses.  In my case, business building was my strength, but creating websites were my weakness.  Back then, I contracted out our website design to another company and it worked out well at the time.  Now, many years later, I have decided that our website needs a bit of a facelift, so I had been looking for a good WordPress developer to work with.

Which means I have done a lot of research.

One of the best ways to find a contractor that has the skills that you need is by reading reviews online.  In the case of finding a wordpress developer, online reviews are a great way to discover companies that do good work as they share the experiences others have had with their companies.

For example, in my search of a developer, one name kept popping up: Tilden Tasks.  Having never heard of them before, I decided to do a little more research and one Tilden Tasks review really convinced me to work with their company.  I loved that I was able to have a team of experts on retainer and that they were available when I needed them to do any modifications to my wordpress site, create any graphics I needed for my posts and were happy to help me troubleshoot any problems I had with my site.

Basically the folks at Tilden tasks were able to make my life a lot easier, which is a blessing when you are trying to run a business.

To learn more about the developer I am using, you can read their review over at