I don’t make it out to Toronto as much as I used to many years ago, but I found myself out there this week visiting my aunt, Peggy.  We have been close for most of my life, and I have made a number of trips out to her apartment in Toronto over the last couple of years.  She is getting on in years (though she would never admit it), and I try to help her out whenever I can.  Since she has no children, I am the closest thing to family that she has.

While I was out there last time, she asked me to setup her new computer.  It was hard to believe that it was going to be the first time that she had a computer with internet in her life.  There was going to be a lot of teaching on my part, but I knew that I could get it all sorted out for her.

But the first step was finding an internet provider.

Since I was not familiar with the offerings in the area, I decided to do some research to find the best Toronto high speed internet provider.  She needed a service that was fast, reliable and that would fit her budget.  I figured that in a big city like this one that it would be no problem to find something that would work for her.

I was right.

We ended up getting her internet service provided by WRSWebSolutions.ca for less than $25 per month.  She was happy to have the world wide web at her fingertips at a price that worked perfectly within her budget.

I will have to make a few more trips out to Toronto to help her learn the ins-and-outs of her computer.  I know that she is happy she bought it.