While most people would tell you that shopping for any kind of gift for a woman is a real mystery, I would argue that buying men’s gifts is actually a lot harder.  As men, we have different interests and needs just like women do.  It isn’t as easy as buying us a piece of clothing or a nice box of cigars – in fact, finding a gift for any kind of guy in your life can be one of the hardest things that you will ever do.

Even as a man myself, I struggle to find birthday gifts for my buddies, brother-in-laws and even my father.  I think the real problem lies with the fact that we don’t really have “those” kinds of conversations where we talk about things we want with each other.  I can’t think of one time where I went up to my best friend Bruce and told him about the new Ryobi product line and the hammer drill I wanted for my birthday.

We are just not wired that way.

But one of the ways that I have overcome this problem is by finding inspiration online.  When I need to find a gift for another guy I know, I head on over to CoolMaterial.com and browse through their men’s gift selections.  It makes shopping for gifts easy and I don’t have to have any kind of awkward conversation with them to ask what they want – which is just the way I like it.