While I thought that I was done with my car problems after the number of times it was in the garage last year, I found myself pulled over by a police car today.  I had not been speeding, so I didn’t know why the officer decided to stop my vehicle.  After a little chat and a ticket, I discovered that I had some muffler problems that required me to get my car repaired in a timely fashion.  While I would usually procrastinate, I decided that it made more sense to err on the side of caution and deal with the issue today.

The problem was that I was in a town that I wasn’t very familiar with.

So, I went on my phone to look on the internet for a place that did muffler repair downriver Michigan.  While there were quite a few places that could have done the work, I looked for a garage that was recommended by other people as having good prices, doing good work and that was known for getting done on time.

After narrowing down my choices, I decided to visit the first garage on my list.  Luckily they had an opening this morning and the car was fixed before noon.

While the day didn’t go as I had hoped it would, I was able to get my car fixed in a timely fashion and thankfully shouldn’t have to worry about being pulled over by the police any time soon.  Hopefully that will be the end of my car repairs for a few months, or I might have to consider selling the car.