photo_4 During the last week, I spent some time with my brother over in Los Angeles.  We get together a couple of times per year, and we usually have a good time.  Ever since we were kids, one of the things that we have done is toss a football back and forth while visiting.

It has worked for us very well.

But this past week, things something unfortunate happened.  I tried to throw Mike a “long-bomb” and I over threw the ball.

Right through his kitchen window.

Since it was my fault, I went online to find a company that offered replacement windows in Los Angeles.  After looking through a couple of sites, we decided to contract Intex Windows to do the replacement.

They came out with the replacement window and had everything changed in just a couple of hours Thursday afternoon.  We sat and watched the technician work, and you could tell that he was a master of his craft – he changed the window as easy as you and I would change a light bulb.

Mike’s house looked as good as new and we had a good laugh over the whole incident.  His wife still isn’t too happy with what happened, but I am sure that she will get over it.