For years our company had a good reputation.  We were known as one of the best providers in the city, and with good reason – customer service was our priority.  I thought that we would always be that way, but after one of our employees freaked out on some of our customers, all of a sudden had a bigger problem:

Our reputation was at stake.

The bad reviews poured in and instead of people remembering that we were a good company in the community, we were painted in a different light.  We had no idea as to what to do as we had never been in this kind of situation, but we knew that we had to face this problem head-on.

But we were not equipped to handle this on our own.  We needed help.

Asking around in our business circles, we discovered that the reputation management services of William Culshaw would be able to get us out of trouble.  His experience in online reputation management was exactly what we needed to turn things around for our company.

We had a strategy consultation where he laid out the plan to turn things around and regain the reputation and trust that our company once had.  I knew that it wouldn’t happen overnight, but after the meeting, I was confident that we had hired the right person for the job.

From what I have seen so far, Mr. Culshaw’s services are definitely worth the investment.