After my old ejuice supplier shut their doors, I found myself without a place to find the liquid I needed to continue vaping.  As many of you know, I traded in my fifteen year habit of smoking for vaping and I have never looked back.  Honestly, I love electronic cigarettes as they give me the exact same satisfaction that I had while smoking, but without the cancer-causing chemicals.

I think of it as healthy smoking.

Without a good, reliable and affordable place to get the eliquid that I needed, I was stuck – I only had a limited supply before I ran out.  So, I decided to ask my friends that vaped to see who they were using as their supplier, and all but one mentioned one company:

I decided to give them a try.

I loved the fact that they carried the Ejuice that I used on a regular basis, but they also carried other flavors as well.  I am the kind of person that likes variety, so I felt good that there were other options if I wanted to be adventurous.

I decided to place my first order on a Monday, and I am happy to say that it made it to me before the end of the week.  Based on how well my first transaction went with their company, I think that I will be using them as my Eliquid supplier for years to come.