For the last few months I have been reading about the areas of your life where genetics play a role.  Most of us would look at the basics when it comes to the effects of your genetics on your life including your appearance and what diseases and conditions that you might be more likely to get.  But genetics plays an even deeper role in our lives, and I thought that I would get a better glimpse into mine with a genetic DNA test.

The reason that I was doing some research into my DNA was that I wanted to accelerate my fitness program.  Each of us have certain diets and exercises that we are more likely to benefit from, and I wanted to craft an exercise regimen that took advantage of my strengths.  There was no point wasting what little time I had each day doing the “wrong” exercises and I really wanted to maximize every moment that I spent in the gym.

Instead of going to a costly local clinic, I decided to do my genetic DNA test online.  The entire process was easy: they mailed me a test kit, I took a saliva sample and put it in the mail.  Now, all I have to do is wait for them to e-mail me the report and I will be able to create a workout program around my strengths.

I am excited to see what they find out.