It is hard to believe, but my baby sister, Jennifer, is getting married this weekend.  She has been with Lucas for just bout four years now, and it is nice to see that they are finally tying the knot.

I am so happy for them.

As her big brother I was roped in early to help out with the wedding preparations.  It has been quite the challenge, but things have been slowly coming together.  We are now in the home stretch with just a couple of days to go, and we are just getting the finishing touches done so that we are ready for her big day on Saturday.

About a week ago, Jennifer decided that she wanted to do something special for their first dance.  She had heard me talk about 20” wedding sparklers a number of times, so she decided to get some of her own.  Like many of the weddings that I had attended in the past year, she bought hers from, and they just showed up yesterday.  We are both quite excited to see how they look in her wedding, and I am sure that they will make their first dance that much more memorable.

I can’t wait until Saturday – her wedding is going to be amazing.  I am so happy for her.