Now that winter is here, my brother and I can do our traditional late-night race across the lake.  We have been doing it for years, and we have only had issues one year where I drove into a beaver dam.

Thankfully nobody was hurt.

This weekend, we will be testing out the new LED Rally Light Bar that Mike installed on his Camaro and I am really interested to see if they make a difference.  I know that we ran into problems last year where we couldn’t quite see well enough or far enough in front of our cars and I ended up plowing into a snowbank as I missed a turn.  Thankfully I only crashed an old Festiva and not a car that was worth something.

Mike did a lot of research to find the best one on the market, and he ended up buying the Rally DX3 LED light bar from  While it isn’t street legal by any means, it will work perfectly for us and our little race out on the ice.

I am hoping that I win the race this weekend, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter.  All that matters is that we have some fun.