When I decided that this year would be the year for me to travel, I had no plans to travel to Rio for the Olympics.  But I decided that I would take advantage of every opportunity that came my way, and so I found myself with a chance to see this summer’s games.

But I had never been to Rio or Brazil for that matter.  I had no idea what to expect in that country, so I decided to do a little research.

After combing through a number of sites, I found myself at TaravelingTheWorldByLiege.com, the site of Liege Neves, a woman who has spent her life traveling the globe.  The articles that I read on the site shared ways I could save money traveling, and provided useful tips, advice and things that I should see in Brazil.

I knew I found the resource I had been looking for.

Spending time on the site, I quickly learned what tourist attractions I should visit on my trip to Brazil, including taking in some of the local flora and fauna.

It was a terrific resource.

But perhaps my biggest takeaway from this site was the guide they sold that was geared towards surviving the 2016 Olympics.  Inside the pages of the book I discovered how to have a good experience while in Brazil, what pitfalls to look for, and really make the best of my trip to Rio.

It was well worth the money.

If you are traveling to Brazil, you should check out Liege Neves site here.