I should be in bed.

I’m working late to get my itinerary for the week completed.  I am known for procrastination, and today is no different.  I had the whole weekend to get everything lined up, but I decided to live my life and push back my work responsibilities.  I suppose that is the problem with the “weekend mentality”, and I will pay the price tomorrow morning when I wakeup without enough sleep.

But that doesn’t matter now as I have made my choice to stay up late.

This week is shaping up to be pretty productive.  From the meeting with the head of HR on Tuesday to my stop in Montros midweek, it is looking like I will get a lot done for a change.  I am hoping to have some Milgard Aluminum Windows In Montros installed while I am there so that I can get my latest flip completed.

I have been sitting on the home too long because I have been so busy.  But I am losing patience (and my profit margin), so I really need to get my latest home to flip completed.  Thankfully I am the boss at my company, so taking off a few days should not be a big deal.

It will be nice to get out of the office and work in peace-and-quiet in Montros.