Since I have decided that this year I will be spending more time on myself than my business, I have decided that most of my time will be spent traveling.  For years I have wanted to see the world but had other priorities that stopped me from realizing my dreams.   But after my father had an accident that made him wheelchair-bound for life, I really took a look at my own life and dreams and decided one thing:

I needed to make time for my dreams before it was too late.

That is exactly what I did when it came to my New Year’s resolution this year and I have made a point of making travel plans instead of just talking about them.

In fact, just this week I was speaking with a Vietnam travel agency to book a trip in the fall.  I know that it is the slower time of year for the business, so it makes the most sense to take some time off then.

What I love about the tour that I booked is that they have an entire itinerary for the trip, so I don’t have to do any research before I go.  Instead, I can just hop onto the plane and enjoy the trip.

Which works perfectly for me.

While the fall is a ways away, I can’t wait until we get there – Vietnam will be a trip that I always remember.