I have always been one that believes that you should share your talents and expertise with the world.  In my case, I would like to think that I have a knack for business and therefore if someone comes to me that needs help with a business idea or getting off the ground, I am there to help.  So when Jeff came to me and asked me how to get his new online business to a position where it could replace his regular job, I was happy to help.

He had been running an online store for the past few months, but had hit a plateau.  He wanted to discover what’s next in the steps he had been following and how he could really take his company to the next level.

We sat down for lunch yesterday to talk about some actionable steps that he could take to move his business forward and touched on some topics that he had not even thought about.  In his case, he hadn’t incorporated video into his marketing and I thought it would work well for him.  We also talked about looking into foreign markets, and that has him very excited.

He has a short list of things to work on, and we have planned to meet in a month.  I cannot wait to see his results.