When it comes to helping people out with computer problems, I am pretty generous with my time.  I know that technology is challenging to many people, and thanks to the skills I have developed over the years, I am able to lend a hand once in awhile to those who need it.  It makes me feel good knowing that I can help out, and I think that my friends appreciate it.

I had the opportunity this week to lend a hand when a good buddy of mine was looking for Kincardine cable internet.  He just moved to that community in Ontario and was really struggling to find a good provider of high speed internet at a price he could afford.  I knew that he was just going to be there for this semester of school before heading home, so he needed to work with a company that wasn’t going to require a long term contract.

Thankfully it didn’t take long to find an ISP that would work with him, and they are getting everything all setup in just a couple of days.  I know that he will love his new internet service and I am so happy that I could help him out.