driving-1434211 It seems like it has been years since I was a young teenager just itching to get behind the wheel of a car.  For me, it was always one of those things that I dreamed of doing sometime in the future and I spent nights thinking of where I would go as soon as I had my driver’s license.

But the trick was that I needed to pass my DMV test before any of my dreams came true.  So I studied, and studied trying to make sure that I would ace the test the first time around.

That didn’t happen.  In fact, it took me three tries to pass the test, and when I learned that my cousin was hoping to get his driver’s license, I knew that I could and should help him out.  Failing my DMV test is one of those things that I look back on today with shame and as one of the big failures in my life.  I know that Kevin wants to drive really bad as well, so I thought I would do what I could to help him prepare for his exam.

We have been studying every night to help him get familiar with the laws and rules as they apply to drivers.  I was even able to find some free DMV tests that he can use to test his knowledge to see where he needs to focus his studying efforts.  I can tell by the look in his eyes that he is getting tired of studying, but I know if he doesn’t keep doing it he will just end up failing his test like I did.

So, we are going to keep pushing forward, studying every night right up until he takes his exam.

I hope he passes it on his first try.