For years I had dreamed of being an uncle.  That may sound weird, but there were a couple uncles that were very involved in my life growing up and they were positive influences that helped shape who I am.  Thanks to their influence, I wanted to be a good uncle to my nieces and nephews one day, so I waited patiently for my time to come.  It has only been a handful of years now that I have had the opportunity and I have taken advantage of every moment.

Yesterday, my niece Claire came over to visit.  She had some homework that she needed to do relating to technology, so she thought that I could help her out.  I felt honored that she chose me to help, and we sat down at the computer to work on her assignment.  She had some questions to answer, such as “how to make the backwards 3”, “what is the meaning of art”, and “how to hook up your computer to a TV.”

The questions covered a broad number of topics, some of which I didn’t have a clue how to answer.  For those questions I couldn’t answer off the top of my head, I used as my resource as they have a lot of questions with answers to choose from.  There were even a couple questions that we posted, and one of the users posted the answer for us.

It is a great resource.

After we were done her homework we went out for ice cream.  All-in-all it was a wonderful day with my niece.