Like many entrepreneurs, I spend a lot of time working inside during regular daylight hours.  I usually make it to the office before the sun goes up, and I go home long after it sets.  This means that I spend little to no time under the sun, and the one thing that I have to watch out for is becoming vitamin D deficient.

It is one of my “job hazards”.

You might wonder why I need to watch out for this deficiency, but the answer is simple: without enough Vitamin D in my diet I start to feel sluggish and depressed.  This has a significant impact on my ability to work in any kind of efficient manner, and certainly has a huge impact on my business.

That is why I am always paying attention as to how much sun I am getting.

For the most part, I take a Vitamin D supplement to ensure that I get the right amount.  I have been really happy with the ones that I bought from Cubic Pharmaceuticals, and I really feel that managing the amount of Vitamin D that I consume really helps me to manage my energy levels, keep depression at bay, and ensures that I am healthy.

Taking these supplements really helps prevent any kind of deficiency, and ensures that I don’t have to spend a lot of time in the sun – which is perfect for my lifestyle.