Years ago, I can remember sitting down with my grandfather and talking about business.  He had started at a young age investing in real estate, and he shared with me the one secret to his success: “With real estate, the secret is location, location, location.”

I know it is kind of cliché, but it is the truth.  I took his advice to heart and whenever I am looking at investment properties and I consider the bigger picture.  It has worked out well for me and picking the right location has allowed me to monetize prime real estate locations over and over again.

One of the ways that you can monetize these prime locations is partnering up with conglomerates that specialize in real estate development such as the Nakash Family Land Trust.  Based out of Midtown Manhattan, they have branches across the world in Miami, Tel-Aviv and Costa Rica.  Owned by Yaniv Nakash, the family trustee, it serves as the principal holding company of the Nakash Family Land Trust Ventures and Investments.

They specialize in real estate investment and development.  The company has developed, owned and invested in a multitude of residential real estate, hotels, resorts and golf courses in countries around the world.

They are always looking for new opportunities, and if you have any prime locations that would work well to be purchased, joint ventured or work as an equity partner, they would be happy to hear from you.  To learn more, visit their site