There is just something great about laughing.  Whether I am watching a funny television program, or hearing a joke for the first time, I love how laughing makes me feel.  Sure, I could quote the scientific research that has been done to validate the benefits of humour, but I’m no scientist and I am sure if that is what you are looking for, you can find it somewhere online.

But I try to laugh every day.

One of the most recent websites I have discovered really feeds my soul and desire to expose myself to humorous things.  The National Association of Liars – NAL – is a real treasure trove of laughs and “research” into the art of lying.  All of the writing on the site is tongue-in-cheek, and I can’t help but to laugh out loud every time I spend a moment exploring the site.

Which happens every day.

There is something for everyone including quizzes, quizzes, horoscopes and more.  It is certainly not for those that are too serious to get jokes or to read between the lines, but for those of us that do have a funny bone in our bodies, it is a tremendous resource of fun.

I’d recommend that you check the National Association of Liars out and laugh a little today.