Since I will be spending a bit of time on the road for the next few days, I have been installing a few games and apps on my iPhone to keep me entertained while I am gone.  I know there will be a few layovers on my trip, so I wanted to make sure that I have something to do that doesn’t require me to bring anything more than my phone with me.

I decided that I was going to catch up on the current season of Person of Interest, and since it is not on Netflix, I thought that I would find some kind of app that would let me catch up.  I had to do a bit of searching to find the right one that would work, and that is when I installed MovieBox on my phone.

If you are not familiar with the app, it is a program that allows you to stream just about any movie and television show that is out there.  I tried it out on my phone and it was very easy to use and worked perfectly.  I was happy to find the show I wanted to watch on there, so during my layovers this weekend, I will have something to watch.