After I learned that my great aunt passed away a few months ago, I received my inheritance cheque in the mail.  It was five thousand dollars that I had not been expecting, so I thought that it would be smart to invest it.  Sure, I could have decided to waste it on a big party weekend, but I think that would be a waste of the gift that showed up in my lap.  So, I have started to do a little research on ways I could invest this money.

I was surprised at the number of options available to me and it made it a lot more challenging when it came to making a decision.  There was one investing option that really had my interests piqued, and that was penny stocks.

You see, I had been following an Australian stock watch website for some time now, and I always thought I would take the time and try following their stock picks.  I know that I had tried them in the past just on paper, and the returns were quite promising.

So, I have decided to give it a shot with my inheritance.  If I make some money on my investments, I will be quite happy.

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