Learning on the ComputerI have always been a big fan of learning.  As a child I would spend hours reading books, both fictional and non-fictional, to exercise my brain each and every day.  This love of learning was instilled in me from an early age from my grandmother, and my thirst for knowledge continues to this day.

In my youth, I depended on the library for my source of reading material, but things really changed for me when the internet became more mainstream.  Instead of waiting for the library to be open, I could fire up my computer, go on the internet and read interesting articles on little known facts or do larger scale research depending on my mood.

It really opened up a new world for me.

Having easy access to information on just about any topic really fueled my thirst for knowledge and I found myself spending more and more time learning.  It was a great way to spend my free time and do something productive with it.  At the time, I was limited only by computer access and therefore only could do research online at certain times of the day.

Just as the internet changed things for me, the advent of the smartphone made it easier for me to go online and learn.  In fact, I had access to the world’s knowledge right in my pocket.  If you had asked me as a child if this would ever be a possibility, I would have just laughed at you.

But having a computer in our pockets is the reality that we now live in.  It makes it so easy to learn something new every day.