With funding continuing to drop for primary schools in the country, there has been an increasing need for schools to do fundraising.  Traditionally these fundraising drives have usually been the same year after year, with interest in supporting these programs waning since residents in the community get tired of buying the same products year after year.

But this year will be different.

You see, our community school is participating in a Christmas cards for schools program, where money is raised by selling Christmas cards.  What sets these cards apart from the ones that you get in your corner store is the artwork.  Each of these cards is illustrated by children in primary school, and it serves as a venue to showcase some of the talent found in the children in our country.  These high-quality cards serve not only as the perfect way to send your Christmas greetings, but are sure to put a smile on the face of whomever opens the envelope.

In fact, I think their fundraising idea is one of the smartest initiatives that they have done in years.

If you are a parent or staff member in a school that is looking for new ways to host a successful fundraising project, you can lean about how your school can raise money by selling Christmas cards from xmas4schools.co.uk