Over the weekend I found myself with a little downtime, so I decided to get out of town and take a break from the office.  I knew that I was doing everything at the last minute, so I decided to go to Germany and stay at our family’s house over there.

It was going to be the perfect mini-vacation.

Everything worked out perfectly including buying last-minute plane tickets, catching a cab from the airport and getting into the house.  In fact, the first day went well until suppertime when I decided to head home and make something to eat.

I discovered that I had locked myself out of the house.

In my haste to get out and enjoy every moment of my vacation, I must have forgot to bring my keys with me in the morning, so I found myself standing outside without a clue as to what to do.

I took a deep breath.

After calming down a bit, I decided to call Schlüsseldienst Berlin ( a locksmith in Berlin) and get back into the house.  Thankfully I had the right identification on my person so that they would open the door to the house.

I was so thankful that I could find a locksmith on Saturday.

While everything worked out okay, I will be a lot more diligent when it comes to my keys in the future.