Summer is my favorite season of the year and I enjoy spending my days out on a boat fishing.  At least that is what I see in my head when I close my eyes.  A warm summer day out on the water is really what I would call heaven on Earth.

The last couple of years have not fit into the picture-perfect mold of what I would call summer as I was too busy with my business to really take some time off and relax.

This year will be different.

In fact, I have taken some steps to make the changes I need in my life so I will have the summer off to relax.  I should have a manager in place by June so that I don’t have to worry about business operations while I am gone, and today was out looking for the one other ingredient I need to make it a perfect summer:

A boat.

In fact, I have been checking out some of the boat sales in Pompano Beach to find the perfect one for me and my summer dream.  I know it is early to start shopping for one, but I figure that it gives me time to find the right boat instead of settling for something I don’t love.

Looking at these boats just gets me excited – summer cannot get here soon enough.