Now that I have considered the fact that I might have some skill when it comes to computer programming, I have decided that I should take my studies to the next level.  Instead of just focusing on small areas of computer programming and web design, I should take things to the next level and get a degree.  That way I will have a piece of paper from an accredited institution that says that I am able to what I say I can do when it comes to programming.

In fact, many employers won’t even consider hiring you without a degree.

Since I am looking to make a big life change, it makes more sense for me to go big and get a degree.  Even though I might start out doing computer science, I really don’t know where my life will lead me, and having that degree hanging on my wall will really open some doors for me.

So, I have been looking for online colleges in the United States that offer a computer science program.  I am going to find one that has flexible deadlines that will allow me to work towards a degree while continuing to work my fulltime job.  That way I will be able to afford my tuition and be able to keep the roof over my head.

Hopefully I will be able to find a college that I can afford and that will allow me to get my degree as soon as possible.  I would really love to move forward with my life.