I have never really enjoyed all of the work that goes into moving.  Packing everything that is in your home, cleaning and taking care of the logistics required to move all of your possessions from one place to another is a lot of work.  While moving my own stuff was the only thing that I could afford in my twenties, I now have the means to pay movers to make my moving experience a lot more pleasant.

Besides, paying professional movers to move your home makes more sense.

In fact, my brother will be moving next week from his home in New Jersey to the other side of the country.  He is already working out in L.A. and does not have the time to move at all.  He has hired some long distance movers NJ to pack and move his home across the country.  He mentioned that it has been the one move he has actually been looking forward to – there is a lot less stress when you are not doing all of the work on your own.

Based on his experience I will be using movers when I move from my home  – it just makes for a pleasant moving experience.