Customer services is important for both online and offline clients.  For years, we have been listening to our customers in our brick-and-mortar store and tweaking our services and products to better meet their needs.  This has not only increased our sales, but has really helped us to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

So when it came to our online store, we had been looking for ways to make the products that we sold from the site better for our customers.  We were looking to provide them with the best experience possible, and therefore we have been listening to their feedback and making tweaks to our business model.

One of the biggest complaints with the packages that we ship out to our online customers has been difficulties opening packages.  Like many other companies, we packed our customer orders in cardboard boxes and taped them up with a generous amount of packing tape.  But many of our customers complained that it was hard to get into their packages and some of them managed to cut themselves or damage their order in the process.  There was an opportunity here to change the way that we did business and make the whole unpacking process easier.

After looking at many options, we decided to switch to a carton box that was easy to open and easy for the customer to see if their order had been tampered with.  Not only did this make our packages more “customer-friendly”, but it made things easier for our warehouse staff as they were able to process customer orders in a shorter period of time.

Switching to these zipper carton boxes was a smart move for our business.