There are a lot of things that I look forward to when it comes to summer including fishing, camping, road trips and tanning.  But the one thing that I truly love each and every day of the summer is a good slush.  Not only do these cold drinks help you to cool off, but they taste good too.  But getting a slush when you want one can be challenging where I live as the nearest store that you can buy one is nearly half an hour away from my home.  Thankfully that won’t be a problem anymore as I will have my own slush machine this summer thanks to the iSlush Kickstarter campaign.

iSlush - Slushie Machine

The iSlush is a professional slushie machine that is small enough to fit on your kitchen counter.  Weighing in at about 15 Kgs, it is light enough to be appropriate for at home, and yet can make slushies just as well as commercial slush machines that cost thousands of dollars more.

But before they can bring the iSlush to the market, they need your help.  They are raising money through a Kickstarter campaign, and it is the perfect opportunity to get your own slush machine at less than the retail price.  I know I have pledged for one and you can too at